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Name of Project                            Client                       Amount                     Date

Startup Water Dist./               Startup Water District     $1,821,906                  2010
Sultan/Startup Road

N. Creek Non-Motorized        City of Bothell                 $222,498                    2010
Trail, Sec. 1, Stage 1

Ross Rd. Improvements         City of Bothell                $ 52,807                     2010

4th Ave SE Improvements      Snohomish County        $1,046,796                   2011 
                                                Public Works

​NE Cherry Valley Sidewalk     City of Duvall                 $ 273,786                    2011                   

83rd Ave SE                           Snohomish County        $ 504,908                    2011
                                                     Public Works

Back Well Infrastructure         Lake Forest Park            $525,404                2011-2012
Phase I Access Rd                 Water District

Water Main Monroe                WA State Dept of           $77,903                       2012
Correctional Complex             Corrections

Reservior Site Improve-         Woodinville Water           $534,440                     2012
ment Project                           District

Sunnyside Blvd                      Lake Stevens                  $361,445                    2013
Improvement                          Sewer District

Powell St. Sidewalk               City of Monroe                 $99,899                      2013

Public Works LID                   City of Snohomish           $88,440                      2013

WCHA Meter Install                Wandering Creek            $410,000                     2013
& Water Main                          Homeowners

Crescent Trail                        Town of Index                   $110,956                   2014
Water Main

NE 25th Traffic                      City of Sammamish          $304,650                    2014
Management Project

Skykomish River                   Snohomish County           $132,363                    2014
Riparian Habitat Res.            Public Works

Springhetti Rd &                   Snohomish County            $906,500                     2014
Broadway Ave                      Public Works

16th St NE                            Snohomish County            $256,300                    2014
NE Water Main                     Public Works

Stormwater Dig                    Town of Hunts Point          $88,793                        2015
& Repair

We have been a family owned business since 1953, starting out as JJ Welcome Construction Company.  We have been operating as RRJ Company, LLC, named for its owners Robert, Robert Jr., and Jeremy Welcome, for last 13 years.  We started out building highways and have now moved into land development, general site construction, underground utilities, water main extenson and replacements and trucking.